Thursday, June 14, 2012

It's been a long time!

 I realize I haven't posted anything for 10 months! Wow!  I have done a little sewing recently but mostly utilitarian, boring clothes to wear to work. But, that's about to change!  I have made a commitment to myself not to buy any RTW clothes for the rest of the year.

 I feel the  need to be more creative and to use some of the fabric I have been collecting for the past few years. Since 2010 I have been  keeping a list of all the fabric I buy in a notebook.  I am up to number 208 on the list.  Now, I have used some of the fabric but that number doesn't include the fabric I already had when I started the list!    I'm in my 60s so I may never get all this fabric sewn in my lifetime!  I have to admit that some of  it doesn't really appeal to me anymore so it may be time to do some purging.

Now that House is over forever and Mad Men is finished for the season (I'm really mad at DISH network - but that's another story) I hope to start spending my time in a more productive sewing. I tend to  waste way too much time in front of the TV and on the computer.

 I have to drive to Dallas on Monday for a doctor's appointment (6 hour round trip) and I want something new and comfortable to wear on the drive.  So, I should have something to post this weekend.

Happy sewing!

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