Friday, December 19, 2008

Holiday Sewing

I've been doing a lot of sewing the last couple of weeks. First, my brother's 9 year old daughter needed a rag doll costume for her school Christmas program which was today. I asked them to take pictures. So, I hope I will have one to post.

I have also made personalized pillowcase for most of my great nieces and nephews for Christmas. Then I went to Walmart and bought some inexpensive pillows to put in them. They turned out really cute. I usually buy educational toys that they open, throw on the floor and go on to open the next gift. They all do sleep-overs to grandma's house or church (for the older ones) so I thought, down the road, they would enjoy them. I made nap mats for two of the younger ones. Also, did a couple of nightshirts for adults. Will post pictures this weekend (I hope).

I work for a hotel and tomorrow is the family Christmas party for the hourly employees and their families. The managers are required to work the event. Santa will be there and we are taking the kids pictures with Santa. Then they can decorate a frame for their picture. My job is to put the year on the frame with a glitter pen. Not really the way I wanted to spend my Saturday but it's that giving back thing!

Today, eight of us girls at work had a spa afternoon paid for by the hotel. What fun! We had lunch at the spa and then we got our choice of 2 treatments. I got a manicure and pedicure. After our treatments, we all met back in the Relaxation Library and just chilled and visited for an hour. Great bonding experience. Maybe we should have gone to the spa AFTER the employee party!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

About me

Because I have enjoyed blogs by others interested in sewing, I thought I would start one of my own.

Here is some info on me. In 2007 I moved back to where I grew up after spending over 30 years in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Have to admit that I miss the craziness of the big city. The pace of life here is so laid back in comparison. I think that part of what makes for a happy life is being content where you are. So, although I miss my friends, job and church in big "D", I am happy. Moving was the right thing to do at this point in my life.

I am divorced with no children so being close to family has become important to me. To support my fabric and sewing machine addiction I work as a Guest Relations Manager in the hospitality industry.

So far, this doesn't have anything to do with sewing, does it?

Well here goes...I made my first garment at age 8. It was a simple gathered skirt. I had bugged my mom until she let me use her machine, a Pfaff 130 that I still have. She just sat back and watched, giving advise only when solicited. When it was finished, it didn't look too bad on the outside but on the inside...oy! I remember I wore it with pride!

My skills did improve and I made most of my clothes when I was in high school and college.

Fast forward...sewed off and on my entire adult life. Less so after my divorce when I had a job that required traveling a great deal of the time. I did a little quilting back in those days. But now I am back to garment sewing and having fun with it. However, fitting is a much bigger challenge than it used to be!

I love to take a flat, formless piece of fabric and see it evolve into a three dimensional garment.

I have several nieces who want to learn to sew. So, lessons have begun. I am so glad. At one point it looked like sewing might become a lost art in a few generations. I credit shows like Project Runway with generating a renewed interest in garment sewing.

More later...

The name of the blog!

Why the name? Well, that's where I sew.

I live in a house built in 1953. At some point in it's history, the detached garage was turned into a little guest house. It has a small bathroom and that's where my washer and dryer are. It's a great place for a sewing studio. You can close and lock the door and leave the mess behind. No need to put the sewing machine away.

That's also where the ironing board and the Rowenta steam generator are. But I also keep an iron and ironing board in the main house so that I don't have to trek out back in the morning to iron something to wear to work. Once I get it a little better organized I will post pictures. Unfortunately, part of the space currently serves as storage for items that need to be purged. But that part is hidden behind curtains.

In my last house, my sewing machine was set up in a closet...not great for fostering creativity after a long day at work.

The house out back's the perfect place. I love it!