Monday, March 23, 2009

April Burda World of Fashion

The April issue was in my mailbox today when I got home from work. I was delighted to get it so early. I don't usually look at the previews on line so I tore off the plastic and opened it with great expectation. BIG let down!

What is going on with BWOF? The cover doesn't say World of Fashion anymore. And, this's a crafts magazine. Maybe they dropped World of Fashion because it's becoming something other than fashion. And there is not one cute new fashion design in this issue. Excuse me...what's with the jumpsuits? Ugly!!!

Sorry, but I do not plan to sew a reindeer or elephant or bottle holder!

And if I want to make a quilt I will buy a quilt magazine.

Oh, and on the page with the measurements, they have changed the drawings to the ones they use in the European versions. They are different.

There are 3 issues left on my subscription and if this keeps up I will not be renewing it!

End of rant!

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