Saturday, February 14, 2009

I Have a New Toy!

My primary sewing machine is a Pfaff 1471 that I bought in May 1985. Yeph, it is about to turn 24 years old. When I had it in for service in September, the technician said it is in good condition and unless the circuit board goes out should give me much more sewing enjoyment. Here is a picture of my favorite sewing machine!

I know the two shades of brown aren't exactly today's style. But she was gorgeous in her younger days! And she sews anything!

I have been looking for a vintage mechanical machine to compliment the Pfaff and I found it on Ebay. I got a 3/4 size Kenmore 1040 that was in great condition. What a cutie it is! It came earlier this week but I was in corporate training all week so didn't get to check it out and clean and oil it until today. It was surprisingly clean for a machine made in the early 1970s so now I feel comfortable sewing with it. The inside is in great shape and looks like it has a relatively new belt. It has all the feet...everything that came with it originally except that the instruction book is a photocopy. There is some yellowing on the plastic on the front but that is to be expected on a machine that is over 35 years old. Here is a picture.

Once again, we have a two tone color scheme but this time it is 2 shades of green! It weighs about 15 pounds so it will be great to take with me when I want to sew away from home.

I am very happy with this addition to me sewing room and plan to put her to work tomorrow! I do like my new toy.

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cidell said...

I have that same Kenmore and I LOVE it. I do travel with mine and also have it set up for buttonholes or topstitching too. It's a great machine!