Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The name of the blog!

Why the name? Well, that's where I sew.

I live in a house built in 1953. At some point in it's history, the detached garage was turned into a little guest house. It has a small bathroom and that's where my washer and dryer are. It's a great place for a sewing studio. You can close and lock the door and leave the mess behind. No need to put the sewing machine away.

That's also where the ironing board and the Rowenta steam generator are. But I also keep an iron and ironing board in the main house so that I don't have to trek out back in the morning to iron something to wear to work. Once I get it a little better organized I will post pictures. Unfortunately, part of the space currently serves as storage for items that need to be purged. But that part is hidden behind curtains.

In my last house, my sewing machine was set up in a closet...not great for fostering creativity after a long day at work.

The house out back is...it's the perfect place. I love it!

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