Friday, December 10, 2010

The big "C"

 It’s just a word but it causes such fear when you hear it.  The doctor calls and says “you have CANCER.”  It’s the news that none of us ever wants to hear.  My journey with the “C” word has begun and I will battle it with all the strength I have.   What I know at this point is that I have Stage 1 cervical cancer so a radical hysterectomy is the next step.  I am grateful that I didn’t ignore the voice in my head that made me go for a routine pap. 
I am on my way to the hospital for blood work today.  A CT scan is scheduled on Monday and on Thursday I see the oncologist. 
It’s Christmas and I am having a hard time getting with the holiday spirit but I know that God will see me through this journey. 
I know this is supposed to be a sewing blog but for now sewing is taking a backseat in my life.
 More to come…

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Gorgeous Things said...

Hang in there Laney. You'll have a lot of stuff on your plate, but you'll get through this. Thank God you went for that test!