Thursday, July 23, 2009

Vintage Patterns

One of the men I work with goes to a lot of auctions with his wife. They sell a lot of things on Ebay.
Today he came back from a trip to St Louis and brought me a big box of patterns from the 70s and 80s that his wife had gotten for me at an auction.

There are 27 Stretch and Sew patterns, some of them unopened. Others are Woman's World patterns. I was not familiar with that brand. They are very 80s with the awful linebacker shoulders. I can't believe that I actually wore those back in the day but I did.

What do you think of this pattern? Sorry the picture is blurry. I just hope those shoulders never come back in fashion.

Some of the Stretch and Sew patterns can definitely still be sewn today. They are really
classics and with minor tweaking will be very 2009.

I also like this Women's World dress. I think it would be a great work dress in a bold print worn with a cute jacket and fun fashion jewelry.

I will post more of the patterns soon.

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